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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Inks Lake Camping Trip

Hey y'all!

This past Sunday, our family went on a camping trip to Inks Lake State Park which is located about an hour north of Austin. We stayed Sunday through Wednesday, and we had an awesome time!!! We have a family tradition of going camping at Inks Lake every couple of years or so, and we like to go the beginning of October to celebrate my sisters' birthdays (Leah's is the 4th and Rachel's is the 6th). So, that was the occasion, and here are some pictures! :)

**Most of the photos were taken by my sister Leah, so the photography credit goes to her! :)**

Things didn't start out too promising...One of our trailer tires blew out and of course it would be a mere 15 minutes away from our campsite!!! :O Oh well... My mom and I sat on the side of the road with the trailer for over two hours while my dad went to a Wal-Mart to get a tire (no other place was open on Sunday) Thankfully, we got everything fixed and that was pretty much all the excitement we had on our trip! :-P

This was our set-up. Leah and Rachel were in the small tent and dad, mom and the boys were in the big tent.

The next day, we went to Longhorn Cavern and got a tour of the cave. It was really cool! Below are the stone steps leading down to the cavern.

This is a naturally carved rock figure called the Queen's Watchdog.

Here are all us kiddos! :)

Here is another natural formation. Kinda looks like a frog, or an iguana! :-)

After coming back from the cavern tour, we went fishing. Nobody caught any keepers, just a few small perch and a bass. And yes, I am completely aware of the fact that I don't match in the least and am wearing 3 or 4 different styles!!! lol!

I got stuck on dish duty one morning... :-/

Some of my family...(Dad, Jared, and Rachel)

I LOVE this picture!!! My sister took it and the angle makes it look like I'm way up in the air, but I'm only like 5 or 6 feet off the ground.

I like to jump if you can't tell! ;-)

My bro Jadon got stuck in a bucket!

No, I did NOT text the whole time...just part of it...ahem...

I took this pic of Leah. It was a perfect, natural setting.

The last day we were there we went on a hike.

Some of the scenery near the lake.

Jadon, the daring rock climber. :)

After awhile of looking at the creek feeding into the lake, we just couldn't!

My pretty sister Rachel!

Leah and I

No, this was really an accident! I slipped on some algae-covered rocks and everyone got a big kick out of it for some reason...I can't imagine why! ;)

We went upstream and found a natural slide, so what do you think we did?

Try it out of course!

Even Leah did, although it kinda looks like she's trying to stay as dry as possible! :)

And the perfect conclusion to our water adventure was Devil's Waterhole, a very deep section of the lake. I don't know how many feet deep that part of the lake is, but we never touched the bottom! Anyway, the cliff is 15-20 feet high, and I just couldn't resist...

Both Leah and I jumped several times. I wanted to jump off the boulder (you can see it in the above pic) that was sitting on top of the cliff, but mom wouldn't go for that! ;-)

Another fishing pic

...or two

And, on our way out, we stopped by the park and let the little boys play awhile.

So, there's a glimpse of our camping trip! Hope y'all enjoyed it!



TexasLady said...

Wow, it looks awesome, and sooo much fun! Some great pictures of the family too. You guys jumping off (I bet that is fun:)the cliff reminds me of the early John Wayne movies, he always ends up jumping off a cliff into the water:)

Kristen L. said...

Oh, that looks like a blast! it looks like a very fun birthday!

Myranda said...

WOW that looks like it would be SOOOO much fun!!!
I'm glad y'all had a good trip!
see you guys Sunday!

Josh said...

What a fun time with your family! So cool;) It looks like a really good time...Great pictures.
In Christ Alone,

Bethany said...

AWESOME! It looks like so much fun, camping, hiking, caving, swimming, can't get much better in my opinion! Great pictures too. :)

A sister in Christ,

Adam said...

Looks like it was lots of fun.

I would like to jump off a cliff but
never had the chance. Me and some of
my "friends" we would jump off this
bridge nere my home when it rains a
lot and the water rises, but the fall
is only 10'.

Signed a Brother in Christ

Adam :)

Marc said...

Boy does that look like a ton of fun!!!!! Awesome pictures too. I bet your entire family had a blast. Really cool!!!!! Sure you slipped into the water. Knowing you, that's kinda hard to believe. LOL!!!

Moriah said...

I tagged you!

.lauren.anne. said...

looks awsomely fun! though I have never been one to love the water. i have always been the runner. i would have not jumped off the cliff, but it still looks fun!

God Bless,
Lauren Anne

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