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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes, I'm Alive!!!

Hey everyone,

Well, it's been well over a month since I've posted last, and just in case you were wondering, I am still alive! ;-) Hopefully I will be able to post soon...there's been a lot going on recently and my blog has kinda moved to the bottom of my priority list, but I'm hoping that I will be back a little more consistently in the next couple of weeks or so. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!

God bless!



Josh said...

Looking forward to future posts over here!
God Bless,

Leah said...

That's great to know, brother dear. ;) Looking forward to what you have to say...

Katie said...

Glad to hear your still breathing. ;)

Anonymous said...

I found you over Maiden of Purity, and saw your comment on her previous post. Do you agree with what she did? Basically, I'm asking your opinion, I gave mine on her blog, and saw many others. How 'bout yourself? I don't know her, only over blog...


Joshua said...

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for your questions. As far as my beliefs are concerned, you may be finding that out within the next couple of weeks if you stick around. ;) I have been considering doing a series on this issue, but it is only in the consideration/prayer stage at this point. I remember reading your comment, but I don't remember your position (the blogger removed many of the comments on that feed and I don't remember seeing your comment the last time I checked). Anyway, if I don't do a series, I will do my best to get back with you about this topic. I'm not going to get into it now because I am going out of town tomorrow and won't be back for several days. Thanks for stopping by though, and I'll be sure to get back to you! :)

God bless,


Adam said...

Thank the Lord your still alive :)
Look forward to your next POST

"Where's My Guitar String I Want It NOW!!!!!!!!"
Its all right just mess'in with yaa no big
deal you don't need to get a new string ill
get one:) It's :0 OK.

Signed a Brother in Christ ADAM :)

Southern Maiden said...

Well, I was wondering! haha... no, thanks for letting us know you're still alive. :) I know what you mean - my blog is pretty much at the bottom of my priority list as well at this time. Maybe soon I'll get back to it...

Anonymous said...

How come you didn't post your opinion on Maiden of Purity's blog, I saw that you commented there (how I cam) but you didn't leave your opinion. Is there a particular reason why? Do you not know her and felt awkward to do so? I don't know anything about her and didn't want to!


Joshua said...

James, as far as my beliefs, please take a look at my response to Timothy's comment above. I know Vanessa and her family, and no, I wouldn't have felt awkward by leaving a comment, but I chose not to do so (for several reasons, but I am not going to share my reasons publicly). If you're going to ask why I didn't share my beliefs, may I ask why you would like to know? Not to sound rude, but you are kinda asking a lot of questions to someone you don't know. :)

As I told Timothy, if you would like to know what I believe, please stick around. I may do a series on the whole topic within the following weeks. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would like to know, I am seeing that many people are commenting on her blog, and many are here on your blog as well. Also, I see you comment on other's blogs and yet it as if you keep her blog at the bottom, as if you don't want to ever leave your thoughts! I don't have to know who you are, I'm a young man in Christ, and am just curoius why you are keeping yourself away from her blog? If you know her, why do you hold your thoughts back? I don't know her as I stated, and I rarely comment on people's blogs, but seeing you not comment stopped me to think. What are your reasons? Why can't you share them? Are you afraid that she will find out the 'real' you?


Joshua said...

Hi James, thank you for clarifying your reasons. Let me explain some things and hopefully it will clear up anything you don't understand. First of all, we do know many of the same people through blogging. I am also friends with Vanessa's older brother. Just because I know someone does not mean I have to comment. :) I follow many blogs and have many friends who have blogs, and I don't comment on every blog or every post. I have no obligation to do so. Also, there were several people who know Vanessa equally as well and even better than I who did not comment on Vanessa's post as well. I can see that your singling me out of the others whom you are not aware of was just an innocent mistake. :) As I said before, my reasons are personal, but it isn't because I have a problem with Vanessa's beliefs. If I choose to not comment on a post, that is up to me. I'm afraid you are being a bit intrusive here. I CAN share my beliefs, and as I've said twice now, I WILL be sharing my beliefs soon in the manner that I feel best. As a brother in Christ, I have a responsibility to treat you in love, but you also have a responsibility to do the same and respect the wishes of others. If you are unable to accept that, then it's not up to me to change your heart; only God can do that. Your last question just goes to show how far you have made this mole hill into a mountain. I have nothing to hide and I am more than willing to stand for truth and the doctrines of the Bible. In what manner I do so in a blogging context is not for others to decide. If that were the case, I would be nothing more than a puppet on blogger.

James, this kind of discussion is not the purpose or intent of this blog. Any other comments related to this will be removed. I will exercise authority by comment removal and moderation if necessary. I hope that this will not be the case and that things have been cleared up for you, but as I have said, this is not my purpose for this blog and I will be consistent. If you have anything else to say, contact me through email (from my blogger profile page).

Thank you, and God bless,


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