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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Series! (introduction)

Hello readers and brothers and sisters in Christ!

I will be beginning another series of posts about a very, very important issue: the issue of salvation. This will be unlike my other series, a big reason being the great importance of this topic. This series will deal with doctrine and the truths of the Bible.

I’m now going to lay down some groundwork for this series. Let me say first of all that I realize that I probably won’t please everybody by the stipulations I give for this series. Some of the precautions I will be taking are for the protection of those that will be involved in this discussion. That having been said, I will be moderating each comment that comes through before it can be seen on my blog. In previous years I have personally witnessed how these issues can quickly get out of hand and how our argumentative natures can quickly get the better of us in a negative way. I want to avoid that at all costs. I will not disregard comments that I disagree with, but they must be spoken in a manner that brings glory and honor to the name of Christ. Feel free to express your opinions, but remember to do so in a humble way. If there is a particular issue that is being discussed and things begin to get a little too heated, I will stop that discussion and not allow further comments. I may be coming across as way too strict, but let me explain a couple of the reasons why I’m taking these precautions. The first is because many of us are friends on this blog, and I don’t want anything to come between any of us that would damage or hinder friendships. The second reason is because this blog can be seen by anyone (Christian and unbeliever) and we have a responsibility to bring glory to Christ and to be careful in the way we act. We want our lights to shine for Christ and to walk and talk in a way that points others to Christ. If we come across as just a bunch of bickering, religious people, we may turn others away from Jesus, and that is the opposite of one of the reasons I have this blog.

Let me also say that I will strive to be humble in the way that I present these doctrinal truths. I realize that I am not perfect and that I don’t know everything (and I never will because I am not omniscient), but there are certain things that by much study and meditation, I have come to believe. My beliefs are my own; I don’t hold to them because my parents told me to, some other instruction of man told me to, or because any other books or materials told me to. I believe what I believe because of the undeniable evidence for these truths that is in the Holy Bible. I am aware of those who would oppose my doctrinal stance, but differing views do not shake my faith. As I said before, I don’t propose in the least to know everything, and if someone says something that I don’t have an answer to, I can guarantee you that I will study diligently for an answer! Whether or not that answer is accepted, I can’t control. It’s not my responsibility to change your mind; God is the one Who works in the hearts of men.

And, on a less important note, I will be posting the parts of this series as I have time. As a full-time college student, worship leader, guitar instructor, piano accompanist, etc., my schedule is quite full and there may be times when I am unable to post for several weeks. Just know that I will be continuing as I have time! ;-)

Here is some additional instruction about the way I will be handling comments and questions. If you have a comment about a specific verse or have a specific question, I will be holding onto those and when things seem to quiet down as far as commenting, I will compose a question-and-answer follow-up post. If you would like to ask a question but wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that others will see that you asked it, please know that I won’t be revealing names. I will simply answer the questions. If you would still feel more comfortable leaving an anonymous question/comment, that is fine as well. Please know that comments and additional insights are welcome!

By the way, this post is just to serve as an introduction for the overall series, but hopefully soon I will be able to give a more specific “intro” to the actual information of this series.

My prayer is that God alone would be glorified and that each of you will be blessed in the weeks to come!



Josh said...

I am definitely looking forward to this coming series! We recently experienced a person who told my sister that what Mom and Dad have taught her is a "lie"! So, I know what you mean about writing comments in love toward one another and respect;)

God Bless you Brother,

Maiden of Purity said...

Ah, another series to look forward to and gain the special insight from the Bible. I look forward to what you have say as I will read your upcoming posts. I do have to admit that you are very wise to put a comment moderation on, due to the chaos which went on over my blog, as well as the confusion displayed over your blog a few weeks ago (I'm quite sure you understand what I am saying?!). I thought of putting comment moderation over my blog, and yet never thought of getting so many comments, was I out to a surprise!? Nevertheless, I look forward to what you will post!

In Christ,

Joshua said...

Amen! Can't wait for the series Joshua. :)

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Jenna said...

I'm looking forward to your series! Commenting in truth and love is so my brother mentioned, someone in the blog world falsly accused my parents of teaching me lies. I went to moderating comments awhile ago for the very reason that you listed. I want God to get the glory and as Christians we should sharpen each other and not fight!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord~

Joshua said...

Josh and Jenna: Yes, we want to avoid as much conflict as possible! I remember seeing your post Jenna, and it's sad that things like that happen. When I have had similar situations, I've really had to ask God for His grace so that I can in turn have grace for others. We (our family) have experienced quite a bit of negativity from many folks who either don't agree with what we're doing or just think we're absolutely wacko! ;-)

Vanessa: I pray you will be blessed! I've been really praying about doing this for a long time, but your post and all the discussion kinda helped me finalize my decision! It showed me a great need for truth to be presented!

And, I don't want to leave the other Joshua out so hey Joshua! ;-) I hope you will be encouraged as well!

Y'all, please be praying for me the next couple of weeks! I have a lot going on but I really want to be consistent with these posts. Pray that I would have the Lord's wisdom in composing these posts and that I would communicate effectively. Ultimately, I would appreciate it if you all would also pray that I be humble and only seek to bring Christ the glory and honor through this series!

God bless,

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