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The purpose of this post is to serve as a more specific introduction to the series that I am starting. As I mentioned in my last post, this series will deal with salvation, theology, and doctrine, and the importance of knowing what God says in His Word.

Before I go further in this post, let me mention one thing that I forgot in the previous, general introduction. My purpose for this series is not a response to any person or idea, nor is it because I want to be divisive or contentious. This is something that I have been studying for quite a while now and I have a strong desire to share what I have seen in the Holy Scriptures. Nothing I say is directed to specific people or to attack others for their beliefs. The things that I will mention are the culmination of my studies, conversations, Biblical understandings, and other things that I felt were relevant to address as they pertain to this discussion. As I said, nothing is directed to or against any person. My purpose for this post is to portray truth and glorify Christ Jesus. Now, for the rest of the intro...

I know that many people today question the relevance of doctrinal discussions. After all, if we are all Christians serving the same God and striving to live holy lives, then what difference does it make whether we believe differently about theology? It makes a tremendous difference. The way that we live, act, and think is directly impacted by the way we believe about God and His Word. Think about it. The decisions that we as Christians make are determined by what we believe about God and what He requires of man. At the end of the day, if theological differences can't be resolved between brothers and sisters who believe differently, the best thing to do is agree to disagree and not let the issue cause contention in the body of Christ. Satan likes to use those kinds of things to hinder believers in their walk with Christ. We must constantly be on our guard and strive to live at peace with all men. However, that does not and will not change the fact that theology is vitally important to the believer. We must be firmly grounded in Biblical truth, rooted in the doctrines of Scripture.

The topics of this series certainly are "hot buttons" in Christianity today. When believers begin to discuss things such as salvation, election, atonement, eternal security, and things of that nature, they seem to automatically draw swords and begin to duel in an earnest attempt to disprove the opposing view by their knowledge of the Scriptures. I know this all too well; I have engaged in many a "duel" such as this and some have had desirable results, others not so desirable. This series will address these controversial topics. I have decided to call this series, "Salvation and the Sovereignty of God." We will examine appropriate views of God and man as it pertains to salvation, the nature of salvation, the work of salvation, and what it implies for those who have received salvation and those who will receive salvation. We will also examine what these beliefs imply as far as evangelism. I also hope to examine some of the common arguments made against the doctrines I will be presenting and how they are based on misconceptions of the doctrines I believe.

As I go through the series, don't just take anything just because I say it. Search the Scriptures and examine what I have to say. God's Word is clear and there are no contradictions. When topics such as these are discussed, people automatically go to certain Scriptures that seem to indicate otherwise than what someone else may be saying. There may be those who would disagree with what I have to say, and if you do, that's fine by me! It's not my goal to change your heart; my goal is to present truth. As I said in my previous post, I won't ignore comments from those who disagree, but before we revert to those favorite verses we all have, might we consider something? If there is something wrong with what I say about the verses I use for these posts, search God's Word and show me how the verses I use are wrong. Examine the contexts, study the Greek/Hebrew, and show me, from God's Word, how what I say is in contradiction to the Scriptures used. If you do that and I am found to be in error, I will be the first to admit that I am wrong. If you disagree and want explanations to certain passages, I will be more than glad to explain them. We all must be faithful to diligently search out that which is being taught to ensure that it is sound. I pray that you will find much truth in this series.

God bless,



Marc said...

Looking forward to the up coming posts!!! Can't wait to read them!!!! By the way, I think the title is awesome and I will be praying that God gives you wisdom as you post, since it is a harder topic then most. Can't WAIT!!!!

Southern Maiden said...

Yeah, the title ofthis series is awesome! I know what you mean about doctrinal arguments - they flare up everywhere... in church, amoung friends, even in homes. Doctrinal arguments are almost as bad as political arguements! But I'm glad you're studying this. I will be praying for you and this series. Ü

Amy Fullerton said...

Can't wait to read more!

Are you fimiliar with the quote "Unity in the essentials, liberty in the non-essentials, and in all things charity" (Augustine)? One of my Bible fellowship leaders introduced me to the phrase, and I thought of it while reading your post :)

In Him!!

Joshua said...

Yep, great quote Amy! :) I think it's funny how sometimes people can get into arguments about the littlest things, but it's the big things we need to be concerned about. Thanks for sharing!

Adam said...

Hey Joshua

Adam he

I am giving you The Jesus Blog Award!!!!!!
you can get the Award off my blog.

I'm looking forward to reading your post on Salvation and the Sovereignty of God.

Signed a Brother in the Lord

P.S That banjo ive been making is starting to look like a Banjo.

Maiden of Purity said...

Joshua, I really hope that you get back to blogging!! Your posts are amazing and you have a gift to write; a ministry which is so powerful to all of us. I know that you have been very busy as Marc tells me you CLEP often, however, just know that us bloggers are waiting for you to get back and we look forward to what you have to say. Even though I don't always comment, I really appreciate your posts, knowing that you have a passion to serve Him and dig into His words to find the truth and share it with others. Well, perhaps your busyness will slow down and you will be able of posting soon! God has blessed you with this ability, and you really have a great way of encouraging and professing the Word and truth of God. Just felt like saying this, because I can see that it's been awhile, and just like myself, it does take some time to post, but the reward and blessing is great because us bloggers touch the lives of others if we follow the Lord's will in what we say!

Merry Christmas!

Joshua said...

Hey all! Sorry it's taken so long to get back to my blog. I've been working on my post as I have had the time and I should be able to post pretty soon, hopefully within the next couple of days. Vanessa, thanks for the encouragement and words of gratefulness, although I'm sure I don't deserve any of it! I give God the glory for anything good I may do because it is He that gives me both the desire and any ability. If I truly have blessed and encouraged it is through God and I am grateful that this blog is serving a kingdom purpose! I'll be trying to get my 1st post in my series up soon! :)

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