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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update and a Teaser! ;-)

Hey everyone!

Well, life is incredibly busy right now!  I'm taking midterms this week for my classes and trying to keep up with my normal class assignments, which means my brain is just about smoking, but it also means that I've reached the half-way point with my classes!  Yep, just six more weeks and I'll be done with my five online classes.  At that point, I'll just be working on my portfolio and I'll start looking for a full time job.  I honestly have no clue what kind of job I'm going to get, but I'm trusting that the Lord will lead when the time comes.  He hasn't failed to open doors for me so far and I firmly believe that He will continue to make His plan for my life known to me as it is within His plan to reveal it.  Actually, God has been doing a lot of revealing about His plan for my life in the past week...and maybe I'll tell you all about soon!  Actually, I think I will tell you all about it, but I can't quite yet!  Some of you know, but there is a very exciting story that I want to tell you all.  Be on the lookout for another post within the next week or so!




Daniel said...

Not vague at all lol

Josh said...

Maybe it's just me, but I have an idea about that news of yours and I feel pretty confident about my cryptic and tricky!


Joshua said...

Haha, you're probably right Josh! ;-) Wait a few more days and find out!!!

Nancy said...

Exciting story, hmmmm? On pins and needles! What could it be?

Caitlin said...

How are your classes going? Way to be cryptic!

Joshua said...

Yep, I think you'll like this story Mrs. P (a.k.a Nancy) ;-)

Caitlin, they're going well right now! Just finished my last two midterms this morning and am so glad to be on the downhill stretch! Thanks for asking. :)

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