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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Graduation...The Perfect Day!

It all started out quietly. Even my radio/alarm came on playing a slow, relaxing song. As I flipped my light switch on and laid back on my bed for a minute, I thought, "This is it! It's really it!" I couldn't believe the day had finally arrived! All the planning, all the preparation, and now it came down to this day, just this day. As I prepared for the ceremony, I kept anticipating the joy and sense of accomplishment that would come as I walked across the stage, savoring each moment of excitement and eagerness. I was a little uncertain though. Thoughts such as, "What if I'm really nervous and I don't enjoy it at all? or "What if I do something really stupid and like, fall down 20 feet of stairs?!?" flashed through my mind as I showered and dressed and got ready to leave for the church. The car ride seemed to take forever, but it was quiet and soothing in a way. Since I had to be there early for pictures, it was just Dad and I on the trip, and I was treasuring those moments as the last time we would be together as a father and high school son!

We arrived right around 8:30 a.m., and I was thrilled, although I wasn't too enthused about the whole cap thing, but hey, it's part of the occasion! ;-) As we gathered together for a group photo, I told myself again, "wow, it's really here!" After the group picture, we all assembled back-stage to await the commencement of the ceremony. I wasn't really nervous at all, which surprised me a little bit, but I guess the excitement and sense of accomplishment was overriding any thoughts of nervousness! As I laughed and talked with friends, I tried to take it all in, cementing each memory into my mind to look back on in years to come, hoping that the memories would bring back as much joy as I was experiencing right then! More pictures were taken, but that was cool, 'cause I love cameras! (I'm sure none of you knew that, right?) ;-)

Finally, it was time! We all scrambled in confusion to cram ourselves into lines so our appearance in the processional would be orderly and pompous! After finding our spots, we began the march! It was great! Thankfully, I didn't trip or anything like that, so I was pretty happy about that! ;-) We all found our seats and the ceremony began...

...Now I was nervous. I absolutely couldn't help it. They were recognizing graduates for special accomplishments. I had applied for one. "Okay, deep breath," I told myself, "you probably won't get it 'cause there were probably lots of others out there that applied that are much more qualified than you." I guess I just didn't want to be too disappointed if I didn't get it. The honor I applied for was called "Excellence in Christian Leadership" As the honor was mentioned, I held my breath. I don't remember exactly what was said, but it went something like this.....all I heard was, "...and the award for Christian Leadership goes to, Joshua Aaron Horvath!" Relief and pride just flowed through me! (Okay, yes I'm admitting I had a prideful moment!) But gratefulness overwhelmed me. Gratefulness to God for blessing me with yet another gift that I did not deserve. I had given it to God when I applied for it, and for some reason He saw fit to grant it to me. I said, "Praise the Lord, now I can really enjoy the rest of this thing!"

The rest seemed like a blur. The charge by Ben Stuart was wonderful, and then came time for the presentation of the diplomas. I had a rose for my mommy, and when it came time to walk across the stage and receive my diploma, I couldn't help spicing things up a bit! ;-) I went down on a knee to give mom the rose! She smiled and I knew she wasn't too embarrased! Everyone else thought it was funny too! It was so special to have my parents present me with the diploma, because after all, they were the ones that taught me! I'll remember that as being one of the most important memories of my graduation.

Once the presentations were finished, we were presented as the Class of 2009, and we felt proud! Honestly, I wanted the moment to last a little longer, but things had to move on!

The reception was one of the best parts of all! Friends and family were everywhere, and a few even surprised me with their presence, which made me very happy! :) I would say that it made my day, but I guess when I think about it, there's not really any "one thing" that absolutely made my all came together so perfectly that any one part just wouldn't have been the same without the others! Anyways, I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to all my wonderful family and friends. Thank you to all of you who came and made my graduation day such a blessing! I could NOT have asked for a better graduation! God has blessed me richly and bountifully with family and friends who care for me and love me, and I think that's probably one of the biggest blessings of my life! THANK YOU!!!

It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful! God really put the icing on the cake for me today. If He gave me anything more, I think I would just explode! As it is, I'm already overflowing with joy. What a wonderful memory I have to look back on and cherish.

Well, I won't bore you any more with my are some pictures of the graduation. Enjoy! (My special thanks to my wonderful family and friends for taking the pictures!)

Givin' momma her rose and a big hug! :)

Us on stage...

Oh yeah, I'm done!!!!!


More family...

Me playin' with the most important people in the world... ;-)

Showing off our awards... John (my friend) got

Excellence in Performing Arts and I got

Excellence in Christian Leadership!

Friends! I've grown up with these great guys!

Another great friend whom I've known for many years!

Another great friend of mine!

Okay, I had to put this one in! :-) Wait a minute...who graduated???


Zac said...


It was a great occasion, thank you for inviting us Josh. I know I had a good time. :)

I can't wait for my time to dawn the cap and gown. I will probably be extremly nervous, but I got 2 years left before that. :)

Michelle said...

Reading this brings back memories from when I graduated last year! Ahhh....such good times! I also remember the nervousness....I was especially scared to death I was going to trip and fall in my heels! :-P I think when I walked into the reception, my first reaction was a sigh of relief that I didn't trip and fall! lol

Anyway, glad you had the PERFECT graduation and enjoyed every minute of it! Congrats!!!

Wilson said...

I am so happy for you!!! It must feel so wonderful to be "officially" done High School with a diploma to prove it. Congradulations!!!

Moriah said...

I'm with Zac. It's unbelievable that you were nervous! I am glad that you had a wonderful day! I thought it was very kind and funny that you knelt down when you gave your 'momma' the rose! :) I like the pics. I am glad and sad that I don't have to go through being nervous like that for a while! Anyways, Congradulations are in order! :)

Joshua said...

Hey, I'm human and get nervous every once and awhile! ;-) Not too often though, but still...:)

Allison said...

Congratulations! :)

aefthing1 said...

And I missed all that excitement! Thanks for putting the detailed account up on your blog - Congrats on your award, and finishing high school

Nervous? Really?? Hmmm...

Dee said...

Congratulations on the award! Nice bonus!

Kristen L. said...

:D You looked like you were having a blast!
I love the kneeling to give your mom a flower, and your suprise when the Gibsons, Vanessa, and I wave at you! LOL! I thought you were going to trip. That was what made the graduation for me.
Congratulations and i hope that the next four years of life are truely blessed as you work on getting a degree and then go out into the big people world.

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